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If you go to new trier, or you went to new trier, or you just want to do some networking, you can re-live the magic HERE through VIRTUAL REALITY! Talk about all things new trier related, and complain about the mullet narc here. Juicy tidbits about the mullet narc:

1. the mullet narc's husband has a bad toupee, is a pot smoker, and owns hepcat records.
2. the mullet narc goes to parties with my aunt.
3. the mullet narc constantly talks about how young she feels at said parties.
4. the mullet narc is budget-conscious
6. A picture of Ed Kramer's naked penis was hidden behind the painting of George Gershwin in the Senior Lounge
7. Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth and Glencoe were all founded as "sunset towns."
8. Everyone on the North Shore is a republican, a racist, and loves speed.
9. Virginia Madsen, Lili Taylor, Charleton Heston, Liz Phair, Donald Rumsfeld, Allen Greenspan, and Don Knotts all attended New Trier High School at various times and some of them are dead.
10. The Ventilation Equipment room next to the first stairway on the first floor art hallway is where the concept of evil was created.
11. Hilary Swank tried out for acceptance into New Trier but failed. She appealed the decision but it didn't change.
12. So glad
13. Who is the assistant principal

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Wveryone is frrends!
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